People gamble for ages and for numerous reasons. The motive can be the adrenaline rush, monetary reward, socializing, or getting rid of stress and anxiety. But unfortunately, sometimes, entertainment becomes an addiction when a player sends more than he/she can afford. Problem gambling impacts the personal and financial life of the player but can be avoided if the player becomes conscious of the issue before it turns chronic. Problem gambling arises when a player becomes compulsive and continuously ignores the negative consequences of wagering. In gambling disorder or compulsive gambling, the players give more emphasis on gambling than other aspects of life.

AI usage 

Alan Feldman had an illustrious career of thirty years in one of the foremost casinos in the world. His job role was to focus on problem gambling and its repercussion on players’ financial, emotional, and family life. He encouraged a nationwide program for responsible gambling. Now a day, many online casinos, such as fun88 (ฟัน88), incorporate AI (artificial intelligence) to identify and forecast problem gambling. Many people are skeptical about the effectiveness of AI in evaluating a player`s state of mind. AI as a resolution to compulsive gambling raised many eyebrows, though many agree with the intelligence and capability of AI.

Viewpoint of industry

Many laymen think online, or offline casinos encourage problem gambling for financial reasons. But pragmatically, no gambling house promotes compulsive gambling because of regulatory issues. If a house fails to spot compulsive gambling and takes due action to readdress it, the license could be void with a penalty. So problem gambling is counterintuitive for digital casinos; it does not serve the business interest. Sustainable players generate more revenue than compulsive ones. Only financially and mentally sound players can resource their bankroll and play casino games time and again. There is a blind alley for compulsive players, but regular players have affordable money to play casino games.

More R&D 

Some service providers have incorporated a more robust system to avert problem gambling others are not that enthusiastic. But to sustain the business goal, many renowned online casinos have invested significant resources and talent to develop a system for identifying and assisting players who are on the verge of compulsive gambling. As the market of digital wagering is increasing every day, the possibility of AI seems endless, from data analysis to autonomous decision-making. Insights of psychologists are incorporated into AI algorithms to identify repeated compulsive behavior of players. One major obstacle is there is no universal parameter to identify compulsive gambling. In most systems, two major matrixes are taken into consideration, money and time spent on casino games.

14 parameters

But modern AI algorithm incorporated in several premier digital casinos like  fun88 (ฟัน88 ) takes various parameters such as an erratic change in betting amount, a shift in session time, and canceled withdrawal request; there are fourteen parameters that try to detect potential problem gambling. Each factor is affixed with one to a hundred points according to its importance. The AI constantly assesses the mental state of each player and upgrades itself with each hand of poker, roulette, or slot. As players step into the danger zone, the AI parameter turns from green to blood red, signifying the potential hazard.